Weather updates

Whether it’s flooding from a hurricane, a power outage from a tornado or slippery roads from an ice storm, it’s important to keep your eye on the sky. Stay alert and informed about the weather, and always be prepared to react if necessary.

National Hurricane Center Weather Map
Two-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

Good morning! @mattlanza here. We have one more really nice day, then humidity's back. Look for at least a chance of a shower on Sunday, though it doesn't look too serious for now. More unsettled weather next week. Plus a drought update in today's post!

A lot of sun today & Friday. Comfy mornings will give way to humidity by the weekend, and @mattlanza says the Mother's Day outlook is a bit tricky in terms of exact placement of rain chances. More on that & perhaps another front next week in today's post!

Step outside this morning because, yeah, it's nice. So nice that @mattlanza used a gif today. Since the weather is quiet, we took some time to talk about the new 30-year normals from NOAA and how they changed for #Houston (hint: warmer & wetter)


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