The Reliant Storm Center:            Severe weather


The Reliant Storm Center:            Severe weather

Texas weather forecast 

Texas is unique in many ways, including its geography, which lends itself to various types of weather events. As the second largest state in the U.S., Texas is home to four distinct geographic regions, and it houses deserts, coastal beaches, dense forests, swamps, hill country, prairies and much more.

We have the highest average of tornadoes annually and the second most hurricanes and tropical storms, and we average over 2 million lightning strikes each year. Combine this with hard freezes, excessive heat waves, dust storms, and forest fires, and Texas has seen some of the most intense weather events in the nation's history. 

Due to the wide variety of extreme weather Texas experiences, below are key weather seasons to be aware of:

Hurricane season: June 1 to November 30

Tornado season: April 1 to June 30

Winter weather months: December 1 to February 28

Summer weather months: June 1 to August 31 


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